Process Flow Chart

Keeping in view the critical metallurgical requirements of the customers proper process of manufacture is employed to achieve the same in the steel produced, At every step, precautions have to be taken to maintain good quality

Stage Control Parameters
Induction Furnace Low tramp elements Low sulphur/phosphorous level.
Correct tapping temperature and low oxygen at tapping.
No carryover slag after tapping into the ladle.
Ladle Refining&nbsp Correct chemical composition.
level through refining slag.
Deoxidation and correct aluminum level.
Rolling into Bars Rolling Temperatute Accurate size.
Optimum cooling.
Even grain size dimension within Tolerance.

Inspection & finishing

Checkin surface remove all surface flaws.
Checking internal quality of bars.
Metallurgical testing for grain size, non metallics, metallographic structure,
as per customer requirments.
Colour coding for identification and grade check for 100% bars.
Certification For certifying quality as per technical requirments for the customers.